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Anastasia Soutormina


Welcome to the Mentoring Program for Emerging Artists!

This program is designed to provide individual guidance and support to artists who are committed to developing their skills and advancing their careers. Over the course of a year, you will work closely with a professional art curator who will help you identify and achieve your goals. This program is designed to assist artists in achieving the next level of success through personalized mentorship from an art curator.

Brief Overview

The program is structured into 3-month content blocks, which will cover various aspects of the art world and career development.

During this time, you will work closely with an art curator, receiving weekly feedback and guidance to push your art career to the next level.

Whats the program?

In this program you will set informed goals, develop strategies, and overcome challenges.

There will be personal weekly check-ins to ensure progress.

Block 1: Building a Strong Foundation

Months 1-3

During the first three months, we will focus on building a strong foundation for your career.
Here we will engage strongly with you and your art. This includes developing your artistic vision and direction, refining your portfolio, and establishing a professional online presence. This will involve exploring your creative interests, influences and inspirations, and identifying your unique artistic voice. We will define the key areas of development, discuss your strengths and weaknesses, and create a roadmap for your career. Together we will evaluate the current state and identify areas for growth. I will give you feedback, suggest resources and develop a plan to help improve your skills. Weekly sessions will include discussions on portfolio development, exhibition opportunities, and marketing strategies. We will also explore networking opportunities and identify potential partnerships that can help grow your career.

Block 2: Portfolio and Presentation

Months 4-6

In the second block, we will focus on building a strong and compelling portfolio that showcases your best work and develop your presentation skills. We will build a cohesive body of work that showcases your unique vision and style. You will receive guidance on how to curate your work effectively, create a compelling artist statement and present your work to galleries, curators, collectors and other art players. We will shift our focus to the business side of art and will build a professional profile. You will learn how to market yourself and build your online presence identifying target audiences, developing a brand identity, and creating a marketing strategy. We will clear out your unique selling points and create a plan to promote your work. We will stage your artistic voice and expanding your artistic practice by exploring new techniques and mediums. This includes creating a professional network, researching potential exhibition opportunities, and preparing for gallery visits. You will receive advice on how to approach galleries, art fairs and exhibitions. Weekly sessions will include critiques of your work, brainstorming sessions, and discussions on art and culture.

Block 3: Marketing and Self-Promotion

Months 7-9

During the third block of the program, we will focus on developing your marketing and self-promotion skills. We will also provide guidance on networking and building relationships within the art world. In this block, we will focus on helping you to develop the skills that you need to succeed as a professional artist. We will work with you to develop a marketing plan that will help you to promote your work and build your brand. This will include strategies for social media, email marketing, and other promotional activities. You will receive feedback on your marketing materials, and we will help you to identify opportunities to showcase your work and build your reputation. The mentor will work with the artist closely to develop skills such as negotiation, contract drafting, and professional communication. We will prepare materials for exhibitions and showcase your work. This includes developing an exhibition proposal, creating a strong a storyline for a show, and preparing your work for display. We will also help you identify potential exhibition opportunities and connect you with galleries and curators. Weekly mentorship sessions will include discussions on topics such as gallery representation, pricing strategies, and multiplication of your art. Throughout the program, the mentor will provide ongoing support and encouragement. The mentor will also provide advices to relevant books, articles and other materials.

Week 4

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Congratulations on this brave decision to take next step in your art journey!


Standard consultation: 60 min

Longer duration can be arranged, but 1 hour is proven to be most effective without inundating you with information and actioning on list of steps we come up with.


Once you make the payment, I will ask you to fill short questionnaire so our session would be more productive. Sessions are conducted through video conferencing tools (mostly Google meet) and can be done using any devise you have at your disposal.


  • Online galleries 
  • Online selling
  • All things business
  • Instagram for artists
  • Goal setting and strategy
  • Art shows, fairs and exhibitions
  • Art prizes
  • Promoting your art
  • Finding your style
  • Target audience
  • First sale: packaging, shipping, during and post-sale communication, customs, etc
  • Audit of your Instagram account, Website, online gallery account etc


  • Physical galleries representation
  • Teaching painting skills
  • Art licensing


  • I am represented on 2 Australian and 4 International online galleries
  • I regularly sell on 4 out of 6 online galleries
  • I grew my sales year over year 8x times from selling 1 artwork a month to selling 2 artworks a week
  • I am finalist of 8 Australian art prizes in last 18 months
  • My reels on Instagram reach up to 85K views on my personal page
  • I participated in 21 art shows and exhibitions in last 18 months
  • I am constantly learning by taking a lot of online courses and being part of multiple community groups and chats for artists in Australia and Internationally with up to date information
  • My first major is Business and Accounting with 15+years of experience in growing revenue for multinational companies, so I know how to grow any business
  • I read 20+books a year on psychology, people behaviour, marketing, productivity, time management, hence understand how to optimise your process to get maximum results
  • I am result and number oriented, so you will see tangible results straight after 1 hour consultation


There is no magic bullet, so be prepared to work hard to get results, otherwise please do not waste time. I guarantee results, but only for those artists who are ready to invest time and work hard!


Whats included

Benefit 1

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Benefit 2

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Benefit 3

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Benefit 4

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Anastasia Is serious about her work. She does a great job guiding artists. I highly recommend Anastasias mentoring program!
Anastasia was great to work with! She has a great eye for detail and has always a bit more input than expected. I love the end result!
It has been an absolute pleasure working with Anastasia. Very communicative & cooperative. Top outcome!



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Let me know how I can support you best


Get regular supervision on your journey through the art world to walk the path together.


Get yourself an individual plan for your next career step as an artist and creative.


Develop with me your next exhibition to express your artistry and thoughts in space.

Discursive Program

Create fitting side programs and marketing strategies to reach new audiences.