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Anastasia Soutormina

art Curator & mentor

Anything is possible if you have the right people to support you.

Does it sound like you?

Lack of visibility, semi-cool exhibitions and disregard by the audience. And in the end, lack of sales. So much to do, don't know what first, and/or you're alone. To be successful in arts is challenging due to the high standards of the industry.

How can I help?

I support you on your next step and unlock my practical tool set of a curator to develop your own exhibiting and marketing solution. I help, in my individual consultancies, to find the best next step for your forthcoming and I make it with you!

Hi, I'm Anastasia!

After a decade in the art fields, I have come to understand that artists live to express their visions and need to be seen to lead a happy life. To thrive as individuals and professionals, they require input and a partner to share their creative ideas with. 

I have helped hundreds of artists working within different media ranging from painting to performance to develop their projects and want to help even more. Therefore, I offer my helping hand and guidance to unfold your inner curator. 

Let me know how I can support you best


Get regular supervision on your journey through the art world to walk the path together.


Get yourself an individual plan for your next career step as an artist and creative.


Develop with me your next exhibition to express your artistry and thoughts in space.

Discursive Program

Create fitting side programs and marketing strategies to reach new audiences.

Do you need an advice which service to pick?

Lets talk! Get an appointment to pick your strategy for success ->


Learn the fundamentals of exhibition creation and apply your own ideas. Discover your inner curator!


Find a structure for your work and automate your marketing. Manage your professional forthcoming!


Learn to develop your vision in the physical and online spaces. Find strategies to reach your audience!

Applies to all services

What's included

One on One

Ask me in the Zoom call all you want to know! I am an open book with a lot of chapters and I love to share to help you.

Individual Tools

I show you a set of individually picked tools for your working process to help you to manage your time and outcome better.

Tailored Strategy

There is no one size fits all, especially in arts. We will find the best way for your expression and tackle the next step in your career.


Fill out the blank spaces or adapt it to your needs. Become better in your art presentation!

Your success is my success!

I am happy if you have sold an artwork, set up a great exhibition and that it was full of interested collectors and art players. That you have made new beneficial contacts and found a way to leverage an opportunity. Or even just have professionalized your packaging in total, with your marketing strategies like portfolio, website, social media and much more. It needs a million small step for success in the arts, I’ll hold your hand and guide you, let’s make the next steps together! 


4 weeks 200,-
1x weekly zoom call
7 days/ week Whatsapp Support Chat
individual strategy review
individual tools
3 Videos = Career / Exhibition / Discursive Program
+1 Video Bonus = Mindset


3 Sessions - 150,-
- Get to know, define the problem, find research questions
- review research, decide for strategy, implementation
-implementation review, last feedback

1 Video Lesson - Career
Set of 10 small Videos in Chapters


3 sessions - 150,-
- get to know, review art works, instant feedback, research questions
- research review, art work and display selection, textual brainstorming
-review planing, final feedback

1 Video Lesson - Exhibition

Discursive Program

3 sessions - 150,-
- get to know, review artworks and exhibition history, instant feedback, research questions
-research review, selection of the stretegy, marketing & networking strategy
-review of work and final feedback

1 Video Lesson - Discursive Program


Together we will find the best solution for you and realize it! With me, you will understand how to curate your art in different spaces and to approach the next steps in your career. You will be able to visualize your ideas in space and market yourself better! We will find a way for you to grow, become recognized and to find your selling strategy!

Why me?

For beginners and advanced

There is no difficult topic, if you have an easy way to explain. I give my best to make information easy accessible.

Easy applicable

Curating is not a brain operation, and the tools do not require investment or know-how. You can curate with bare hands!

On your time schedule

Curate in the morning, curate in the evening, curate in between! With this know-how you become completely independent.

Get detailed Infos on the Services


I´m your buddy


Accupuncture Threrapy


Magic Scool

Discursive Program

Make it a big show


“Anastasia Is serious about her work. She does a great job guiding artists. I highly recommend Anastasias mentoring program!”

Andrew S. Sculptor

“Anastasia was great to work with! She has a great eye for detail and has always a bit more input than expected. I love the end result!”

Laura C. Paintor

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Anastasia. Very communicative & cooperative. Top outcome!”

Daniel G. Performance Artist

Find out how to pick the right service for you. You will find on the next page an overview of which program is designed for which needs. Identify your next step and help me to guide you along the way.


For any inquiries please email



All services are individually tailored


You can do it on your time schedule


No equipment or know-how needed


All services lead to physical outcome