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Anastasia Soutormina


I want to use the opportunity to introduce myself. My knowledge and my experience had a journey to become what they are today, and you should know a bit about me before I change your life for the better!

Hi, I'm Anastasia, and I'm a culture addict!

I was born in Russia, I live and work in Austria, but I feel a citizen of the world. I am passionate about art and culture, as it gives me inspiration and deepens my thoughts. Even more, I’m completely dependent, I need it like air to breath! 

After a decade of working in the arts in so many ways, I have come to realize that a lot of artists need support. And it doesn’t matter if they just started their career, or they have years of experience. The majority is stuck in art production and overwhelmed by the mass of demands of the industry. It’s hard to make the next step. Artists need someone who will listen precisely, give smart advice, and kick their ass to finally do what needs to be done!

Let me kick your ass!

I see my self in my curatorial practice as an artist’s friend. In every single exhibition, event or other culture format, I had experienced artist as a group of people who is generally very diverse. Every individual is special, has an own particular vision and a unique way to express it. And this is mainly the best part about them. I love colorful people, project work and finding every time new solutions for new challenges. Let me share my experience of years of artists problem-solving with you, to help tackle the next step in your career! I’ll be your friend, I’ll kick your ass in the right direction, so you get it done!

Love before sight

I think I was born this way. Art was always my big love, even before I knew what art was. I remember traveling as a kid with my mom to different countries and visiting their museums was the best thing for me. Colorful pictures, fancy sculptures and crazy objects consisting of somehow familiar materials talking to me. Until today, a visit to an exhibition is like a trip to Disneyland, I can’t wait when we’re there. 

Art is not only an emotional rollercoaster ride to me, it is a language in that I love to read. It is visual poetry, optical seduction, an intellectual dialogue and always a breathtaking experience. In all its forms, with disregard of all age marks and imperfections, I love art from the bottom of my heart and will love it until I die!

What I learned

I found art history by accident while I was in law school. I sneaked into a lesson and I knew it was forever. Almost a year before I was done with my bachelor at the University of Vienna, I told my mom I changed the faculty.

Tonnes of artworks had striped my eyes in these years. I learned sharp vision for detail and deep understanding for expression. I got introduced to the alphabet of art.

My Master was in contrast very practical. I learned the handwork of a curator. The education at the University for applied arts in Vienna has been a very inspiring time of my life.

And since I left the university, I never stopped learning and ant planing to change that. I give my best to keep my knowledge always fresh!

What I worked

As I am a scroller personality, I kept the constant change, my main narrative. Over the years I have worked on different projects in diverse contexts. I had realized exhibitions as an independent curator and events for galleries. I was running an association for curators, with which we would unite curators and artists. To connect even more artists, we organized an art festival. For all the events and exhibitions, I had developed different educative formats to make art more accessible for the audience. And I have been doing the marketing for all these projects as well, as I see it as a powerful tool to communicate the essence of a show. I have implemented my experience and education in all the cultural formats. And I realized that the profession of a curator is highly applicable to many different spheres.

What's my practice

In my practice s a curator, I have always tried to make a sociopolitical statement. I see my work as culture actor as a possibility to express opinion on diverse topics which are poorly represented by main information streams. 

Being a woman in the art industry, I have made it my personal aim to empower and support other women. I think we must hold together to accomplish a social change and end the undervaluation of the entire half of the world population. In this concern, I am encompassing the body political discourses around gender as it is about time we stop human rights robbery of being who we are no matter what gender, nationality, religion or other attributes we are. If you think the same, join the mentoring and support a fellow woman!

Vision & Mission

I see a way of helping more artists with my know how. I know they are more than able to better their professional forthcoming if they get the right tools, personal input and a helping hand. Therefore, I made it my mission to support the artists with their projects with my services. I unlock my knowledge and experience to find the best solution for your growth!

Let me know how I can support you best


Get regular supervision on your journey through the art world to walk the path together.


Get yourself an individual plan for your next career step as an artist and creative.


Develop with me your next exhibition to express your artistry and thoughts in space.

Discursive Program

Create fitting side programs and marketing strategies to reach new audiences.



Fill out the blank spaces or adapt it to your needs. Become better in your art presentation!